We are a Licensed Rescue & we are 501(c)3 Approved!

We are K9 Lifeline Rescue, Inc.  your local Animal Rescue Group who is here to serve you at no charge to help you place your dog or unplanned litters of puppies.


Need Rehoming help?

It is never a good idea to give a dog away for free especially on Craig’s list as this is the first place people look for dogs to use as fight bait for dog fighting.  We would hate to see your beloved pet become a victim to a bad situation.What we can do for you if you are willing to keep your dog in your home until we find him/her a suitable, loving home is place your dog on our website www.K9Lifeline.com , thoroughly screen and do back ground checks on all applicants and conduct a lengthy interview.  You can be a part of the approval process if you would like or you can leave that to us.  Whatever you are most comfortable with.All we require of you is that All dogs 6 months or older need to have a current Negative Heartworm Test.  We will pay for all other basic vetting as long as you use one of our veterinarians.If this sounds like a good plan to you, please contact us for further information on the process.  Again, there is no charge to you for our help!

Unexpected pregnancy?

We have a program called Spay it Forward (SIF). If you have a dog that is pregnant or has had a litter of puppies that was not planned K9 Lifeline Rescue, Inc. can help so this does not happen again. If you agree to give the puppies to K9 Lifeline Rescue, Inc. we will have them vetted & adopted out through our Rescue AND we will PAY to have the Mom SPAYED at one of our vet locations. We can provide a quality puppy food while the pups are still with the Mom.