Application for Adoption & foster homes


Ready to Find Your New Best Friend?

  1. The first thing you need to do if you if you are interested in ADOPTING  OR FOSTERING is to fill out our Adoption Application.   NEXT:
  2. Your application will be reviewed and your references called.  We ALWAYS talk with your veterinarian if you have any current or previous pets- We MUST obtain record of Rabies vaccine AND  up to date Heartworm testing + HW pills purchased.  <---- If this cannot be verified we CANNOT approve you for Adoption.   If you rent we will check with your landlord to make sure pets are allowed.
  3. After your application is reviewed, and vet and landlord are checked, you will be called for a phone interview and/or a home visit if one of our volunteers lives close to you! We like to make sure you get a companion best suited to you and your lifestyle!  (If you do not receive a phone call from us within 24 hours of submitting your application, please e-mail us at to confirm we received it.)
  4. If everything checks out, you will be approved by e-mail and the foster family of the dog you are interested in will contact you to answer any questions about the dog and set up a Meet & Greet Adoption Session.   (Our dogs are fostered all over southern WI and IL it states on each dogs listing at the top what city & state they are fostered in).
  5. If it is the perfect dog for you, you are able to take her home the same day you meet!  You will pay that dogs adoption fee at the time of adoption.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS or CASH!  We accept money orders and cashiers checks.  For any  puppies that are not spayed/neutered, a $35 deposit is required that will be refunded to you when proof that the dog is spayed/neutered is sent to us.  It is REQUIRED that all dogs are spayed/neutered between 4 & 9 months of age.

**NOTE** Adoptions are on a first come first serve basis, we approve applications in the order they are received so if you are interested in a specific dog or puppy fill out an application as soon as you can to ensure you are the first in line to adopt her!

Get Pre-Approved for Adoption!

If you are looking for a specific breed or mix or just want to be ready for when the perfect dog comes along and you plan to adopt within the next month or two, fill out an Adoption Application and get approved ahead of time, then you will be all ready when that perfect puppy comes along and you will be first in line to adopt her!

The application will also help us to know what you are looking for and we can keep an eye out for the perfect dog for you!

Thinking of Getting a “Free” Puppy?

Puppies are not free! Below is a list of some costs for a puppies first year and normal yearly 

costs thereafter.

Please make sure you know the financial commitment involved in getting a dog before you adopt!

Look at the price info below, our fees cover some of these costs and go towards saving dogs who need other vetting services.

Included in the Adoption Donation

At minimum our puppies have been examined by a Licensed Veterinarian, been issued a Certified Health Certificate, are given their first set of vaccines, Nexgard and have been dewormed.
Dogs over 6 months of age get all the above plus a Heartworm test & pills, a Rabies Vaccine and have had spay or neuter surgery.

All dogs are fed a high quality, all natural dog food.  They are given lots of love and attention in their foster homes!  All puppies are well socialized with people, kids, other dogs and some even with cats!  They are fostered in homes and are treated like family members. We will tell you anything we know or have learned about the dog.  With your adoption you can take your adoption papers to Petco and get a coupon book with $170 worth of money saving coupons.

A lifetime of love!

Puppy Costs – The First Year

  • Veterinary Care/Laboratory Tests – $100 to $200 (can be more if dog gets sick or gets hurt badly, emergencies can run up to $1000 in vet bills pretty fast!)
  • Immunizations – $50 to $100 (depending what pet already has done!)
  • Internal/External Parasite Treatment and Control – $100 to $150
  • Spay/Neuter – $150 to $500. (The cost often depends on the dog’s size and age)
  • Food – $200 to $400 (depending on size and energy needs)
  • Crate- $50 to $160 (depending on size needed!)
  • Misc. (Toys, Treats, Collar, Leash, License)- $90 to $120
  • Puppy Classes (HIGHLY recommended for every dog!) $150 to $300
  • Add $200 to $400 in grooming costs if getting a dog with long hair!***Total: $840 to $2230 for pups first year! Plus grooming if needed!***Adult Dogs – Annual Costs
  • Veterinary Care/Laboratory – $50 to $125
  • Immunizations – $40 to $75
  • Internal/External Parasite Preventatives – $100 to $150
  • Misc. (Toys, Treats, License)- $70 to $100
  • Food – $250 to $500
  • Add $200 to $400 in grooming costs if getting a dog with long hair!

***Total: $510-950 every year for your pet, that does not include emergency medical expenses or training classes!***

NOTE: Amounts vary considerably, based on factors such as growth rate and size of the adult dog,
types of food and unforeseen medical conditions. Generally, puppies require more routine medical attention than adult dogs.  However, statistics show that older animals (those over eight years old) will require more veterinary care than younger adults.
You should also note that costs vary between stores, veterinarians and by region.